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  • On 2 October 2018, the Bang Khen Police Station submitted an opinion that a prosecution order should be made and sent the document of the “Cleaning-up Democracy” case to the military prosecutor, which were accused of defying Order No. 3/2015 of the Head of NCPO and the Public Assembly Act.
  • A former Phue Thai Ministry was summoned by NCPO 10 times and attended 'Attitude Adjustment' program for 8 times cause he does not stop criticizing economic situation. Many kinds of experience he faced including staying in military camps, house visit, coffee meeting, blindfold and an abandoned building.
  • Verdict of the Court of Appeal in a case against Apichat, a man who was accused to defy junta’s announcement ban on political gathering of 5 people and above marked another historic pinpoint in The Thai Legal system as well as Thai politics as a whole. It was the first time where a word “Sovereign Entity” (Ratthathipat - รัฏฐาธิปัตย์) was replaced by the term “coup d'etat regime” (rabob hang kan ratthapahan - ระบอบแห่งการรัฐประหาร). Yet, essence of the verdict makes no change, any military junta who successfully overthrown elected government were and will be recognized by the Thai court as legitimate entity that able to issue any decrees to maintain peace and order of the nation.