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  • A research found that since 1997 there were at least 212 SLAPP cases that had been push to the courts. Majority of defendants in such cases including general public, political activists (39%) Community leaders and Unionists (23%) Human Rights defenders (16%) and journalists (9%) while online expression were major ground for prosecution (25%)
  • Ekkachai and Chokchai were prosecuted under the Public Assembly Act of 2015 after they held activity in front of Army Headquarter in response to statement made by Army chief. They were arrested at the scene and were charged with Public Assembly Act for fail to notify the police with regard to their activity. Due to ambiguity of the law, the duo decided to stand trial with intention to set up a legal standard what is public assembly that need to notify the police what are activity that need not to notification.
  • Since the 2014 coup d'etat, Chonthicha Jangrew a former student from Srinakarinwirot University had increase her role in Thai political arena. She was part of 30 activists who were arrested after take action to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the coup. Throughout the reign of NCPO Chonthicha taken part in numbers of democratic activities and faced number of criminal charge as cost of her action. In 2017 she and her activists friend found "Democracy Restoration Group", a non profit organization to continue their campaign to promote Democracy in Thailand.