Letters to “our friends” in prison

We invite you to write letters to “our friends” who are imprisoned.
Four Thai activists, namely Arnon Nampa , Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak , Somyot Pruksakasemsuk, and Patiwat Saraiyaem or “Doctor Lam Bank” have been imprisoned for being allegedly charged of violating Section 112 (penal code) or the “Lese-majeste”. The charges submitted by the prosecutor were in retrospect to the political speech & protests , dated back to 19th September 2020. The criminal court maintained that none of the activists shall be out on bail if the trial is still ongoing. Consequently, they have been transferred to Bangkok Remand Prison since 9th February 2021.
Due to the Covid 19 restrictive mitigation policies, the Bangkok Remand Prison and other prisons in Thailand are currently forbidding inmate visitations with the sole exception being reserved for attorneys who are responsible for legal consultation regarding the prosecution. Hence, during these 15 days of imprisonment, “our friends” have become isolated from the outside world, including any news of friends , family members, and any waft of the country’s current affairs.
Despite the ban on inmate visitations, the prison has allowed individuals to send letters to prisoners. This can be achieved either by sending letters directly to the prison’s postal code or by a physical submission at a mailbox located in front of the prisoner’s welfare room at Bangkok Remand Prison. However, be well aware that every letters will first be scrutinized by the officers responsible in an effort to flag out any content that are deemed inappropriate before distributing
them to the hands of its intended recipient.
As a result, we would like to cordially invite those who fancy a chance to communicate, report current affairs, or to just give support to these 4 activists. Any individuals may write letters and send them by these following ways:
1. Drop your letter in a sealed envelope at the mailbox located in front of the Prisoner’s Welfare room at Bangkok Remand Prison. The prisoners would receive the letters approximately a day after the submission of the letters.
2. Address your sealed envelopes with the inmate identification number of your desired
recipient below:
Parit Chiwarak 0304/64
Arnon Nampa 0305/64
Patiwat Saraiyaem 0306/64
Somyot Pruksakasemsuk 0307/64
Send the sealed envelopes to Bangkok Remand Prison 33 Ngam Wong Wan Road , Kwaeng Lad Yao , Khet Chatuchak , Bangkok 10900
Affixate the stamp and send it from wherever you are in the Kingdom. Please kindly note that although this may be the most fuss-free method, the recipient may receive it days or even a month later.
3. Address your sealed envelopes to PO Box.79 Samsen Nai , Khet Phayathai, Bangkok 10400
iLaw will retrieve the letters from the PO Box every 3 days and drop them off for you at the mailbox of the prison.Therefore, the letters shall arrive within 3-4 days after sending.
Just to reaffirm that the prison officers will flag down any letters containing inappropriate content such as any signs of conspiration of an escape plan & exchange of illegal goods. There will likely be no issues whatsoever with letters of support in these dreaded times.
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