The Statistic of the Website Censorship in Thailand, from 2007-2012

From 2007-2012, it was found that 317 orders have been issued by the Courts invoking Section 20 of the CCA to ban access to content or the entire website of a total of 102,191 URLs.

The most frequently blocked content concerns information and images deemed to insult and defame the King, Queen, Heir-apparent, or Regent, for which 219 court orders have been issued to block access to 77,491 URLs, or approximately 76% of the total.

This is followed by the blocking of access to pornographic content and images with 76 court orders blocking 23,456 URLs, or 23% of the total.

The remain 1% concern content involving abortion medication or self-abortion methods, gambling or blasphemy, bogus and Pharming websites, and websites which might cause misunderstanding about the containment and suppression of demonstrations and which could lead to public commotion or stir up people’s resistance.

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