Tables of minor offenses charged against individuals who expressed political opinion


Under the NCPO regime, the restrictions on freedom of expression were instituted through  'legal' procedures, in the aim of legitimising the military government. These 'laws' include new laws and special announcements and orders issued under the NCPO government. Furthermore, charges were launched against minor infractions, not just to establish criminal liability for certain acts and speeches, but also to impose considerable burden on dissenters. The NCPO has then brought up laws with relatively light penalty rates and prosecuted people using the pre-existing criminal laws. This may not comply with the original intention of these laws but it can create an atmosphere of fear.

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Latest update 21 May 2018


List of individuals charged with
Sanitation Act B.E.2535 and other minor offences


No. Case name Cause of accusation Responsible authorities Date of arrest Penalty
1. Pansak* Distributed leaflets call for justice from red shirt crackdown in 2006 at BTS Mochit station Pol Maj Gen Amnuay
Nimmano and Police
from Bang Sue police station
31 Aug 2014 5,000 baht fine
2-4. 3 Students
from Thai Student Center
for Democracy (TSCD)
Hung a banner to commenmarate the 19 Sep 2006 coup at a flyover on Vibhavadi Rd. Police from Sutthisarn
police station
26 Sep 2014 1,000 baht fine
5-6. 2 Chulalongkorn 
Hung a banner to commenmarate the 19 Sep 2006 coup at a flyover in front
of the university.
Police from metropolitan
police bureau
27 Sep 2014 1,000 baht fine
7-9. Atchara and 2 others

Not held ID card during the event namely 'Darkness' organized to commemorate the
8th anniversary of suicidal of Nuamthong Praiwan

Police from Nanglerng
police station
31 Oct 2014 100 baht fine.
10-13. 4 activists from
Serichon Thailand 58 group
Organized a symbolic activity and 
distributed T-shirts at Center One mall
Police from metropolitan
police station Phyathai
22 Feb 2015 100 baht fine
for public disturbance
14. Ponlawat* Distributed leaflets against NCPO
4 places in Rayong
Police from Muang
Rayong police station 
27 Mar 2015 500 baht fine
15. Anon Numpa* Used audio amplifyer without permission in the event of 9th anniversary of
Nuamthong Praiwan's suicidal.
Police from Nanglerng
police station
5 Nov
200 baht fine.
16. Sirawith* Participated in post-it attaching activity
demanding for the release of 8 detainees
Police from Thungmahamek
police station
1 May 2016 1,000 baht fine
17. Thitaree Participated in post-it attaching activity 
demanding for the release of 8 detainees
Police from Thungmahamek 
police station
1 May 2016 Court dismissed the case
18. Chonticha Used audio amplifyer without permission 
in the event 'Anything for Pai' on BTS skywalk
Police from Lumpini police
18 Jan 2017 100 baht fine
19-20. Pakorn, Apisit Used audio amplifyer without permission 
in the event for Pai Daodin
Police from Lumpini police
29 Jan 2017 300 baht fine 


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No. Case name Offense Cause of accusation Court Date of arrest Current status
1. Apichat*
Assembled cause 
a breach of peace.
(Section 215, 216)
Participated in anti-coup
protest at BACC
Bangkok South
Criminal Court
23 May 2014 Released.
Public prosecutor 
did not prosecute
under this charge.
2-3. Panmanee,
Obstruct officials,
destroyed public
property (Section
138, 360)
Sprayed on military Humvee,
and flatted the tires during 
anti-coup protest at
Victory monument
Military Court
30 May 2014,
2 Jun 2014
Got bail with 40,000 baht.
The case is under trial.
3. Chainarin*
Assembled cause 
a breach of peace.
(Section 215, 216)
Holding anti-coup sign
of A4 papers and read
at Paragon
Military Court
3 Jun 2014 This charge was
4. Thanaporn* Defamation of dead person
(Section 326, 327)
Defaming dead soldiers 
in helicopter crash incident
Criminal Court 4 Dec 2014 Sentenced to 2 year
and 100,000 baht
fine with suspension.
5.  Maitree Computer Crimes Act
Section 14
Posted a clip of villgaers
negotiaing with military
officers on Facebook
Chiang Mai 
11 Feb 2015 Court dismissed
the case
6. Pas Provided shelter Provided shelter for 
Pongsak who did not 
report under NCPO order
Sa Kaeo 
Provincial Court
  Sentenced to 2 year and 
100,000 baht 
fine with suspension
7. Narong Computer Crime Act Forwarded mimic song
satirizng Gen.Prayuth
Criminal Court 28 Jan 2016 Got bail
8. Bencharat Defamantion, filed
false report under
Criminal Code Section 172,
173, 174, 181, 328 
Filed complaint against
officers for filing false 
report after authorization
from her client
  28 Jan 2016 Released during
investigation process
9. Sirikan Refused to complywith
official order,
renderring evidences
(Section 142, 368)  
Refused officer to
search her car in front of  Bangkok Military Court
  9 Feb 2016 Released during
investigation process
10. Watana Muangsuk Computer Crime Act Criticized Gen.Pravit, Deputy PM Criminal Court 2 Mar 2016 Cout dismissed the case
recur Watana Muangsuk Defying conditions of
release under NCPO 
annoucement 39/2557
Posted message against 
draft constution on Facebook 
considered as joining
political movement
Military Court
18 Apr 2016 Got bail with 80,000
11. Sirawith* Defying conditions of
release under NCPO 
annoucement 40/2557
Participated in My Dear 
 on 14 Feb 2015
Military Court
8 Mar 2016 Got bail with 20,000
12. Anon Numpa* Public Assembly Act organized a symbolic event
"Just Standing" demand for the release of Watana Muangsook
Dusit Municipal
19 Apr 2016 1,000 baht fine
recur Anon Numpa* Public Assembly Act organized a symbolic event 
"Just Standing" demand for the 
release of 9 activists
Dusit Municipal
27 Apr 2016 1,000 baht fine
13-27. Starting Revolution Alliance
for Democracy Party
(15 persons)
Being a member of secret
(Section 209)
Had a secret meeting to found
a Revolution Alliance for
Democracy Party
Military Court
13 Aug 2016
(first arrest)
Got bail with 100,000
baht each






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